A printer can perform its function well with the help of all its components and parts. A printer machine has ink and toner cartridge, print head, rollers, fuser, paper tray and many other parts. Even if any one of its part stop working or gets damaged then you will face some of the other complications while printing. Although, you always have the support of printer technicians for resolving all sorts of printer queries, and to get in touch with technicians you can dial at 0808-169-3103 Canon Printer Helpline Number UK.

Canon printer has small and spongy pads that absorb the extra ink which is accumulated while printing documents. They also get collected at the time of cleaning the print heads. If the ink absorber is not adjusted properly, they might face some complications with it. You can reset the ink absorber to avoid or resolve some of the error codes:

  • Turn off your printer and then press and hold the Resume button.
  • While holding them, press the power button as well. This will turn on the green led light.
  • Keep the power button held and release the resume button.
  • Then press the resume button twice. The light will first go amber and then green again.
  • Now you can release the power button.
  • After that press, the Resume button four times and then immediately press the power button to confirm your action.
  • Finally, turn off your printer and then turn it back on to reset ink absorber.

These ink absorbers get saturated as you keep using your printer and ultimately they become full and you receive an error message saying “Ink Absorber Full”. Some Canon printer models can also display a series of flashing lights. To know about this indication you can consult your printer manual. A saturated ink absorber can cause print quality issue to the user. When your ink absorber gets full, you need to remove the pads and clean them. Cleaning process is explained below:

  • Fill a large bowl of warm and soapy water.
  • Put on your rubber gloves to avoid any ink stain.
  • Open your printer’s ink cartridge compartment. You can take help for the same from our customer care executives on Canon Printer Support Number UK.
  • Let the ink cartridge move from their place and then disconnect the power cord of your printer.
  • There is a black rubber frame under ink cartridge assembly that contains ink absorbers.
  • Pull that rubber frame out to remove the ink absorbing pads.
  • Place these pads in the bowl and rub and squeeze them to remove ink. You can change water if it becomes too dirty and continue the absorber till you could remove all ink from the pad.
  • Squeeze the excess of water and place them on paper to let them dry.
  • Once they are completely dry, place them back into the rubber frame and then reinstall the frame into the printer.
  • Then press and hold the power button and reconnect the power cord at the back of the printer.
  • When your printer turns on, you can release the power button.
  • Now wait for 5 seconds and press the power button again.
  • This will reset your printer’s internal memory and remove “Ink absorber full” error code completely.

At the time, users are not able to perform the given steps without any guidance, in that case, you can always take help from printer professionals whom you can dial on our Canon Printer Phone number.