Before anything, you must know that there are a number of reasons that can cause streaking lines appear on a printed project. And this is well known thing, whether it is home or office requirements, everyone longs for Canon Printer models. And the Line streaks issue is very common to this printing brand. If you want to know more, you can consult Canon Printer Helpline Number UK. However, streaking lines are not always the result of some part to be replaced or something else. Most of the time, you must rectify it by noting some essential points and verifications.

When Your Print Cartridge get damaged:

The main resistance can be caused when your print cartridge get damaged. Like, when you load an ink cartridge into your Canon device, you might have pressed too firmly or bumped the cartridge which causes it to leak making the cartridge to become damaged. And the damaged ink cartridges get bleed ink whenever you print something, leaving streaks all over the page. And then, remove the ink cartridges and check if there is any spilled ink. Also, keep in mind, when the cartridge isn’t damaged, you will not see such ink spilling.

Another Cause Can be Print Head Alignment:

There are chances that the devices that hold the cartridges in place, that are print heads might get slowly shift position. The alignment can’t be seen as such, but when you see the noticeable gaps or streaks in the print jobs. Canon printers generally use five different ink pots and that too verifies the number of pages printed.

When Ink Cartridges are Low on Ink:

When your Canon device uses ink cartridges, you might notice some streaks in your print jobs when the ink cartridges are low on ink. As you know, the printer prints using different colors. And if only one ink cartridge is empty, it means that the entire parts of documents won’t get printed. Even when you try to print in black only, Canon printers sometimes might use a combination of colors to create true black, that makes an empty color cartridge might result in poor quality, streaky print jobs even in black and white color.

When the Print Quality is Set to Low:

This is also possible that the streaking lines have been occurred because the print quality is set too low. You can change the print quality by proceeding towards the printer’s options by clicking on control panel and device settings. And then choose Options and click to the Advanced Options at your Canon device. Now, you can change the quality settings using the drop-down menu and make sure that the settings such as Quick Draft or Low are not selected or you can instead change the print settings to High or Best Quality. Change quality settings by choosing the Preview button before printing a project and thereafter choose the advanced option from the pop-up menu.

If the condition is still the same, you should confront technical support team at Canon Printer Support Number UK . The technicians are so proficient that they will detail you the best resolution within a short period of time.