Canon inkjet printer cartridges come with a chip that records the number of pages you print. Once you have reached a certain number of pages, the printer will start displaying you the error. We all prefer to buy refilled or compatible ink cartridges as they are economical and they give you quality prints. But to use these ink cartridges you need to reset the ink counter. You can take help for the same from Canon technicians by giving them a call at 808-169-3103 Canon Printer Support Number UK. However, you can even take help from this guide to reset your printer’s ink counter:

  • Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord.
  • Then disconnect all the USB from the computer.
  • Now press and hold the “Power” and “Resume” button and while you are pressing it, plug the power cord back into the wall outlet. This will make your printer initialize.
  • Now just release the “Power” button and then again press and hold it to activate the test mode.
  • After this, release both the buttons to activate service mode. Wait till the light stops flashing.
  • Press the “resume” button to run through the printer settings until you see the message saying “Reset waste ink counter” or “Ink counter”. Press the zero “0” button to reset in case “Ink counter” appears on the screen.
  • Press “Set” or “Ok” button.
  • Turn your printer off and unplug the power cord.
  • Now plug back the power cord back into the wall outlet and plug the USB cable back into the computer.
  • Turn on your printer and see if it’s working fine or not.

One can even use a refilled cartridge even without resetting. They can follow the given steps for the same:

  • You should get the correct refilled cartridge for your printer. If needed take the consultation for the same from printer executives who are available at Canon Printer Helpline Number UK.
  • Be careful while refilling the cartridge. Gently peel the label and if needed enlarge it using a thumb drill. Then use a syringe to fill the cartridge and after that cover the hole.
  • There is an alternative way of refilling the cartridge. Simply drill a hole at the top of the cartridge but be careful while making the hole. Now use a syringe to refill the cartridge.
  • Close the printer’s cover and try printing a test page.

You can choose any way to use the refilled cartridge with your Canon printer.
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